Skin Boosters

What are Skin Boosters?

AKA- “The injectable moisturiser”

Skin boosters are injections of hyaluronic acid that hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. They offer an easy way to achieve a glowing complexion and enhance overall skin quality. The underlying concept is consistent across different brands: they contain a high percentage of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by our bodies to maintain skin moisture levels. As we age, we lose about 1% of our hyaluronic acid stores each year after turning 30, leading to fine lines and volume loss. By injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin, skin boosters deliver intense hydration, improving skin tone, texture, firmness, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Different brands we offer in clinic:


Although technically a bioremodeling product rather than a skin booster, Profhilo delivers significant tightening and lifting effects. It contains 64g of hyaluronic acid, stimulating collagen and elastin production to improve tissue quality and combat signs of aging.

Seventy Hyal 2000

Described as “The Next Generation Skin Booster,” Seventy Hyal has high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It achieves a radiant glow (think “glass-skin” effect) while minimising lines and wrinkles. Suitable for clients of all ages.

about the treatment

Frequently asked questions

How long is the treatment?

30 minutes, this includes numbing.

Pain scale?

Numbing agent is used on the areas we inject to ensure patient comfort. When numbing agent is used patients find this treatment relatively low pain.

Down time?

Depending on your skin, it can take 24-72 hours for bumps to subside.

When will I see Results?

Instantly, and results will keep getting better and better. 3 sessions are advised, then a maintenance session of 6 months is recommended.


Check out what our customers have to say
Shirley BurnsShirley Burns
21:13 26 Mar 24
I attended an event tonight hosted by Erin. We were welcomed in with Prosecco and cake, then made to feel at ease while we watched a demo of a new product that Erin is using in her salon, Aesthetics By Erin. No pressure was put upon us to spend any money and professionals were on hand to answer questions and offer advice. All in all, a pleasant evening was spent chatting and discovering potential new ideas for treatments. Erin was a delightful host and I look forward to more events in the future.
Leanne KirkLeanne Kirk
21:22 24 Mar 24
Erin's services are exemplary! She is professional, friendly and safe. I've been with Erin for 2 years. She always her client's needs at the centre of her work. And her clinic is spotless!
Akram BedhiafiAkram Bedhiafi
14:29 19 Mar 24
I recently was persuaded by a friend I work with to visit Aesthetics by Erin for a treatment, the premises are absolutely fantastic and Erin was extremely attentive. I’ll certainly be revisiting in a few months for a top up 🙂
G MaxwellG Maxwell
11:23 13 Mar 24
Erin is amazing. So friendly but also very knowledgeable. The glow facials are insane and the results are immediate. You won’t regret a booking here!
Jonathan ReesJonathan Rees
08:58 13 Mar 24
Recently went in for a treatment, lovely clean clinic, Erin was very understanding and clear in explaining what would be happening. Will definitely be returning !!
I went to Erin recently with the goal and intent of still looking and keeping a natural looking Lip. Erin ensured me this could be achieved and instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease. I am so happy with my new lips. Subtle yet plumped! Highly Recommend.
Katrina BestKatrina Best
20:31 27 Feb 24
Went to Erin for some facial treatments.From the moment you walk in she makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Erin advised me on what procedures would suit my face but most importantly she was honest with me. The aftercare she gave was excellent and I would recommend her to everyone.Thank you so much Erin and I will be back for another visit🙂.
Hayley EcclesHayley Eccles
19:10 27 Feb 24
I can not recommend and thank Erin enough for all her help! Not only did she make me feel more confident and youthful she also made me feel extremely calm and relaxed throughout all of it. Highly recommend to all!
Paul BestPaul Best
19:01 27 Feb 24
I can’t thank Erin enough for the results of my treatments. From the start the care she gave and more importantly the honesty about what would be best for my face was fantastic.She made me feel relaxed about everything and the after care was amazing.I’d recommend to anyone Thank you so much.KB.
Kirsty Wilson-EvansKirsty Wilson-Evans
19:39 22 Nov 23
I would highly recommend Erin. From the offset I have felt comfortable and confident with her and my results have been incredible! In an industry where there are so many people that practice with absolutely no medical experience it’s very reassuring to have a practitioner who is medically trained ♥️♥️
caitlin Bradleycaitlin Bradley
20:44 21 Sep 23
I have been clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth for years, which has caused me to have very strong masseter muscles . Which in turn, caused me to suffer from headaches and shooting pain. I would wake up in pain and after long days I would be inAgony. I would leave events early due to the discomfort and led me to rely on analgesia. After having the Botox I have not had a single headache, my face is less painful and I am able to sleep throughout the night. I wish I had done it sooner! Erin is such a brilliant practitioner who made me feel relaxed and explained everything in great depth. I would recommend her and the treatment to any suffers of headaches and TMJ!
17:33 10 Sep 23
Erin is an absolute master of eyebrow tinting and shaping. My eyebrows have never looked so good. As for the botox....I wish I'd done it earlier.Erin is so reassuring. She absolutely knows what she is doing. I love the fact she is also a nurse and feel completely safe in her hands. The procedure is painless and looks amazing. Thank you Erin
Jessica McGroryJessica McGrory
13:06 16 Aug 23
I go to Erin for eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tints and she is just the best. The waxing doesn’t hurt and she does an amazing job with the shape, the tint lasts ages too.
Danni LaingDanni Laing
10:49 13 Jul 23
Recently visited Erin for a hydro facial. Booking in was easy and with clear instructions on how to find her. The facial itself was really relaxing, the environment and knowledge of Erin helped that, and my face felt refreshed and cleansed during and after the facial. I haven’t had my usual monthly breakout and I’m putting it down to the facial! My skin feels more plump than the usual dryness it. Thank you Erin, I will be back 😊
Karla BabbageKarla Babbage
19:45 05 Jul 23
I had a hydrofacial by Erin last week and it was the most relaxing lovely experience. Erin was so bubbly and made me feel completely at ease. My skin feels really good a week on still. Would defiantly recommend to anyone who is looking to get a facial done, I will defiantly be going back!